About Us

Everyone has their thing, and while you may not understand their thing, you can respect it, because you’ve got your own.

My thing is toys. I never had much of an interest in fashion or clothing (unless you count what Barbie is wearing) but my grandmother had more closets than bedrooms and we used to joke that my aunt (a middle school teacher) didn’t duplicate an outfit or pair of shoes during the school year (turns out it wasn’t a joke.) They’ve both passed away and now we are left with some unique and amazing things. A lot of it never been worn, and all of it a surprise, because we haven’t been able to go through it all yet.

While I’m keeping the Miss Piggy sneakers, my sister and I will be listing the rest online for sale. Right now just through ebay and Etsy, as they bring the customers to us, but I also wanted to have someplace people could go to easily see everything we had on offer.

Keep checking back as we are constantly listing new items, and as mentioned, we have no idea what we’re going to find.